About Lee

This is the true story about Lee Barnathan and his professional writing and editing career.

When I was 11 years old, I knew sportswriting was the job for me. But nothing was definite until my senior year at Pasadena (Calif.) High School. A classmate running for elections commissioner told me he saw some people stuffing the ballot box for his opponent. Working on the student paper at the time, I went to work at uncovering the truth. Because of my investigations and writings, the election was declared null and void.

In the meantime, I continued my sportswriting pursuits and won the school's Best Sportswriter award. After graduating second in my class, I enrolled at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and declared journalism as my major. I never changed majors and graduated in 1990 (cum laude with honors in general education) after having spent time as a writer, reporter and sports editor for the school paper, and delivering sports reports on the campus radio station.

My career as a professional writer has been varied and rewarding. I spent 12 years as a sportswriter for Los Angeles daily newspapers, including the Daily News. I wrote about everything from preps to pros and earned a degree of respect for my in-depth, human-interest stories that dealt with athletes overcoming incredible adversities to excel. Along the way, I picked up valuable leadership and organizational skills that included time budgeting, making deadlines, copy editing, headline and caption writing, proofreading and page design.

Since striking out on my own in late 2004, I have expanded my writing repertoire to include:
* Journalism pieces for such diverse outlets as the Jewish Journal, several RV publications, Patch.com, SYFY Wire and the weekly Santa Clarita Gazette;
* Corporate scripts and speeches;
* Marketing materials of all kinds, from your 30-second commercial/elevator speech to your brochures and

direct-mail publications;
* Website pages and SEO;
* Blogs (check out mine);
* Ghostwriting and book writing, including a 128-page, 37,100 word novella.

I have increased my editing services, too. My clients have included:
* Online magazines, such as Respiratory Management (now called Respiratory & Sleep Management);
* Nonprofit newsletters, such as the CSUN Family Focus Resource and Empowerment Center;
* Several special-education master's students, whose theses I edit;
* L.A. Parent magazine.

As with writing, I have expanded my editing repertoire to include books and manuscripts: a fictional account of a lesbian who goes to Uganda, a non-fiction argument that Armageddon has arrived in the form of ISIS, and a fantasy about an awkward teenage boy and his friends who travel to a mysterious and magical world where what's inside you is as important as your outer strength and intelligence.

I live in Los Angeles, am married since 1995 to Erika and have a daughter, Elise (born 2001). In my spare time, I enjoy refereeing high school and club volleyball, softball and soccer.