About Lee

This is the true story about Lee Barnathan and his professional writing and editing career.

People hire me for their various communications needs because they want someone professional who will cut through the noise and the BS and help them communicate easily, efficiently and effectively.

The problems are that the writing doesn’t make your target take the desired action. Or the writing doesn't accurately reflect the brand. Maybe you hate to write, or you don’t have the time. Or you lack the ability to organize your thoughts. Maybe you’re too close to the situation. If you have written it, it’s harder to edit it.

Imagine how great it feels when your communications stand out from all the rest, when it rises above the noise and the amateur drivel that permeates our everyday work lives. Imagine the happiness and confidence you’ll feel because the messaging was written by a professional writer who knows how to make the copy clear, concise and compelling so it reaches the target market. Imagine the pride you’ll feel at knowing that the professionally written communications demonstrate that what you do is significant, that what you have to say accurately reflects your passion, and that the writing is true to your vision and brand. You’ll feel grateful that you can market with integrity and not have to sell your soul to do it.

Imagine no more. That’s where I come in.

I use the journalism principles of honesty, accuracy, clarity and brevity in all my writing and editing. It started in high school when I uncovered a ballot-stuffing incident, resulting in the election being invalidated. It continued in newspapers when people saw I had talents for asking the right open-ended questions and engaging in active, empathetic and sympathetic listening.

My professional writing and editing goes beyond asking the standard who/what/where/when/how/why questions. There’s an emotional component to it. People find they can trust me to handle their sensitive information. They tell me, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” and it leads to better communication and collaboration because I show care, sensitivity, understanding and validation. Then I tell their stories with all the integrity, care and craftsmanship they deserve. My writing and editing personalizes their story so they feel I’m telling it in their voice.

Since 1990, clients have trusted my professional writing and editing with their information in a way that easily, efficiently and effectively tells their stories, informs their target audiences/demographics, sells their products and states the desired message so they can accomplish their goals.

I’ve done it for them, and I can do it for you. I invite you to browse this website, explore all the ways I can be of service, and contact me.