` Got SEO Copywriter?

Do Your Marketing Materials Accurately Reflect Your Brand?
The right words tell your story honestly, clearly, concisely

A copywriter can help with website and SEO copywriting.

Are these your pain points?

*Your marketing doesn’t convert.
*Your marketing doesn’t accurately reflect your brand.
*Your marketing is too complicated to be understood, so it doesn’t convert.

Just having an online presence isn’t enough. You need to know the right words to convey the message you want to send existing or potential customers and clients. You need a copywriter who can write exactly what you want to say in the most honest way.

What I do:
*Use critical thinking to get to the point.
*Ask lots of open-ended questions to get the information I need to write or edit.
*Show empathy, sympathy and intellectual understanding so you know I get what you’re saying.
*Write or edit directly and to the point, using the words that match your voice and/or brand.
*Rid the copywriting of unnecessary verbiage.
*Make sure the copywriting has no technical jargon.
*Simplify the writing.
*Include a call to action.

A very common type of copywriting is website writing. But copywriting goes well beyond writing for websites. All of your advertising, commercial and marketing materials require a professional writer who can quickly and creatively get out your message or tell your story. And in today's economy, you need not just good copywriting, but SEO copywriting that will help you get found on the search engines.

You need a copywriter who can tell your story. I bring more than 30 years of copywriting experience using the principles of journalism: honesty, accuracy, brevity and clarity. The copywriter logically organizes thoughts into a creative and coherent story. To build a web page, you need a copywriter with these skills. Content copywriters honestly tell you and/or your company’s history, philosophy and mission; the products and services you offer, why you’re better than your competitors, why what you do is significant, that what you have to say accurately reflects your passion, and that the writing is true to your vision and brand. You’ll feel grateful that you can market with integrity and not have to sell your soul to do it.

When you're ready for the best online writing and best SEO copywriting, contact me.

Here are some of the copywriting types this freelance writer specializes in:
* Advertising Copy
* Brochures
* Corporate Communications – speeches, seminars, training videos, company histories
* Direct Mail Letters
* Marketing Materials
* Online Profiles – business, dating, etc.
* Press Releases
* Product Labels
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* Scripts
* Speeches
* Websites