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LB Communications Helps Companies Navigate Coronavirus Crisis and Saves Business plans with Integrated Communication Strategies

The coronavirus has hit your community. Tens of thousands are sick from COVID-19; thousands have died. Your company’s 2020 business plan is in jeopardy. Your clients, customers, employees, suppliers and vendors are looking to you to lead them through this crisis, the kind we haven’t seen in 100 years.

For the Closed due to Coronavirus photo: You need a crisis communications strategy so your business doesn’t close due to coronavirus.

LB Communications provides the solution: a complete integrated crisis communication strategy. It is a coronavirus crisis communications plan that includes: telling the truth; answering only the questions asked, nothing more, nothing less; owning the situation, demonstrating humility and contrition; avoiding sensationalism, and remembering the cover-up is always worse than the action.

The LB Communications experts tailor a COVID-19 crisis management strategy to fit the company and CEO’s needs. The messages that require emergency communication might include website postings, speeches, social media posts, blogs, scripts for videos and media talking points.

For the Response to COVID-19 photo: LB Communications ensures a timely, proper, strategic response to the current coronavirus crisis.

Whatever is needed in a crisis management plan, LB Communications provides. We have more than three decades of journalistic experience in which we think differently and do differently as a result, examining the situation critically and charting original avenues based on honesty, directness and positive action.

The difference between crisis and disaster is preparation. The right crisis communications and crisis management to thrive despite coronavirus/COVID-19 makes the difference.

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