Do You Need Another Set of Eyes to Edit Your Agoura Hills Book?
Three times through the manuscript is what it takes to get it ready for publishing

Many people in Agoura Hills think they know how to write a book. But they might not realize that book editing in Agoura Hills is a very important part in the whole process. A good Agoura Hills book editor does everything that’s needed when editing a book.

As a book editor, I make as many passes through the manuscript as necessary, focusing on different aspects each time. The first pass will help me determine exactly how much book editing is needed. One pass will be entirely devoted to book editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation and style. Another pass will find this Agoura Hills editor clarifying or reorganizing your manuscript for content and structure, eliminating jargon and rewriting/reorganizing the text.

edited bookI book edited “Crush Hour,” and I can do book editing for you. --  The “A Culture of Fear” authors needed book editing.  The “A Culture of Fear” authors needed book editing. - I book edited “Crush Hour,” and I can do book editing for you.

My book editing process is: Why use 10 words when two will do? When I’m finished, your manuscript will be leaner. Nothing of substance will have been cut. Your integrity will be intact. Your communication will be exact.

I have acted as book editor on several projects.
* “Crush Hour,” a 260-page fictional account of a natural disaster occurring at the point two highways converge.
* “A Culture of Fear,” a 120-page nonfiction indictment of the Los Angeles County child welfare system. The authors were so impressed with my book editing, they put my name on the cover.
* “Eva’s Uncommon Life: Guided by Miracles,” a first-person account of surviving the Holocaust in France. She acknowledged my work (second paragraph above left).
* A 124-page, 37,100-word inspirational book about a man who cheated death;
* A 100-page work asserting that Armageddon is happening now.

When you’re ready for top-notch book editing in Agoura Hills, contact me.