Let a Freelance Book Editor in Bakersfield Work Manuscript Magic

book manuscript editing in Bakersfield - Bakersfield freelance book editor - Bakersfield manuscript editor Many people in Bakersfield think they know how to write a book. But they might not realize that one of the most important parts in the writing process is the book editing. A good book editor takes the manuscript and acts like a book doctor: He trims the fat, massages the words, clarifies meanings, reorganizes text and does anything else that’s needed when editing a book. When the freelance book editor is finished, the manuscript is much closer to publishable than before he began editing the book.   

Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, I know how to be a book editor. I’ll make as many passes through the manuscript as necessary. The first time through will determine how much book editing will be required. Then I'll focus on different aspects each time. One pass will be entirely devoted to book editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation and style. Another pass will find this freelance editor clarifying or reorganizing your manuscript for content and structure, eliminating jargon and rewriting/reorganizing the text. 

In 2012, I acted as book editor on two projects. The first freelance book editing job was a 260-page fictional account of a natural disaster occurring at the point two highways converge. Later in the year, two social workers wanted a book editor to prepare their 120-page nonfiction indictment of the Los Angeles County child welfare system. They needed not only editing a book but also organizing it into chapters (the cover is at the left).

And in 2015, I completed four very different projects: ghostwriting and editing a 124-page, 37,100-word inspirational book about a man who cheated death; editing a manuscript about a lesbian who goes to Uganda to help girls and women but comes up against the military junta and loses her life; editing a small manuscript in which the author makes the case that Armageddon is happening now; and my own book, which is a collection of blog posts in which I make fun of the way people (myself included) use words.  

In 2017, I edited a fantasy YA book about an awkward teenage boy and his friends who travel to a magical and mysterious world where what's inside of you is as important as your outer strength and intelligence.

I bring years of freelance editing experience into each project, and I guarantee that when I’m finished book editing, your manuscript will read better than before. So, if you're looking for affordable freelance book editing in Bakersfield, contact me and let's discuss how this freelance editor will make your book better.

Afordable Freelance Editing in Bakersfield CA. Affordable Freelance Book Editing in Bakersfield CA.

Manuscript Editing in Bakersfield CA. Manuscript Editing in Bakersfield CA.

Afordable Freelance Editing in Bakersfield CA. Book Manuscript Editor in Bakersfield CA.

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 Afordable Freelance Editing in Bakersfield CA. Professional book editing in Bakersfield CA.

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 Freelance book editing in Bakersfield CA. Freelance book editing in Bakersfield CA.

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