Do You Need Help Writing Compelling Marketing Materials in Berkeley?
This Berkeley writer can help you in at least 16 different ways

It takes skill to be a writer in Berkeley with integrity. My varied background (journalist, editor, proofreader, copywriter) has given me the skills to write and edit in so many different forms. I possess expertise in many different writing categories and can edit various types of writing, all without you selling your soul, whether you live in Berkeley or anywhere else.

These are all the ways a Berkeley writer can assist you.

Ad copy – What are you trying to sell? To whom are you trying to sell? Where are you trying to sell it? Berkeley? Is your intended message reaching your target audience in Berkeley? How catchy, clever, creative and honest is the ad copy?

Among others, I have written about:
* Automobiles
* Coffee
* Commercial real estate
* Memory foam beds
* Real estate
* Spy gadgets
* Toys
* Watches and clocks
* Website development And I can do the same for you in Berkeley — with integrity.


Blogging – Check out my blog, usingtherightwords (just click the tab at the top). I have blogged about topics ranging from various sports to politics to the home oxygen industry. As a blogger, I blog about word choice and how we often misuse language. My blogging includes posts of less than 100 words to blogs of several hundred. You need a blogger in Berkeley who can write clear, concise and honest copy. Here is a blog post I ghostwrote. Click here.

Corporate script writing – Corporations in Berkeley often make training videos, commercials and narratives, and they sometimes need someone to do the writing. But too often, they use the words they think people want to hear, not the truth. If you’re a corporation in Berkeley that wants honesty in its communications, I want to talk to you. I have experience with corporate writing from my days of technical writing, and I can deliver scripts and narrations that are lively, interesting, instructive and honest. You won’t have to sell your soul to market yourself.

Crisis Communications – In these times of coronavirus/COVID-19, you need an integrated crisis communications strategy to lead your Berkeley clients, customers, employees, suppliers and vendors through the crisis. I provide the path to recover your business plan.

Elevator speeches/30-second commercials – If you only have a short time to introduce yourself, you need a writer in Berkeley who can write clearly and concisely. I’ve helped numerous Berkeley clients make their commercials more dynamic, engaging, entertaining, honest and informative.

Ghostwriting – Also known as ghost writing. Whether it's a book, speech, website, blog, elevator pitch — just about every service I offer has some ghostwriting element to it — if you don't have the time or ability to write it yourself but you want everyone to think you did, hire me to ghostwrite it for you. Remember: You’re the Berkeley author or speaker; I’m the Berkeley ghostwriter.

Marketing materials – Good Berkeley marketing materials have to guarantee, resonate, authenticate and be concise. They need to make the Berkeley reader act now. Honesty is my forte, and I can help make your marketing materials, such as brochures, newsletters, direct mail letters, ad copy and product labels, come alive with No BS Marketing and Marketing with Integrity.

Newsletters – These are great ways to inform your Berkeley employees or customers. Writing newsletters requires other skills such as interviewing, which I bring from my journalism days. Non-profits in Berkeley have taken advantage of my newsletter-writing skills, and so can you.

Online/Dating Profiles — You want everyone in Berkeley to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you're looking for in a partner. I can write it in any style or tone, from humorous and facetious and sarcastic to romantic, earnest, enthusiastic, excited — you name it! When it’s done, it will honestly and accurately describe, define and reflect the real you.

Press Releases – In my journalism days, I saw press releases of all kinds, so I know what works and what doesn’t. You need a catchy headline and a first paragraph that will make the Berkeley editor want to read the entire press release and then assign the story.

Resume Writing – Every good Berkeley resume tells a story, and the message behind the story is, “I’ve done it before, and I can do it for you.” My resume writing guarantees that message is evident throughout, and I offer a few tricks to make your resume stand out from all the rest. There will be no exaggeration, no embellishments, all truth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This style of writing is what you need to appear on page one of the search engines. My Berkeley clients are satisfied that my search engine optimization works for them. But over time, you need to refresh your pages with new copy. I can help you keep your pages atop Google.

Social Media Writing – To be successful in business today requires a social-media presence. Using journalism principles, I help Berkeley businesses and people inform, get found and maximize their presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among other sites.

Speech writing – Whether for 10 minutes or eight hours, if you’re prepared, you'll be successful. I can help organize your thoughts and write clearly. Check out my page devoted to speech writing for the list of 23 types of speeches. I can do any of them in Berkeley.

Technical Writing – Got something really complicated in Berkeley that needs simplifying? Whether user manuals, guidebooks, notary public law or scientific journals, I turn the “What does that mean?” into “That makes perfect sense!”

Website copy – You must ensure that the message you have on your Berkeley website is the message you intend your customers/clients to receive. And it must be honest and authentic. To that end, I can guarantee that I’ll use the right words to get your message out. I also can combine SEO writing for more effective web pages.