You’re the Author; I’m the Professional Ghostwriter The ghostwriter in Malibu uses a pen to help be somebody else. I am not just a professional writer in Malibu. I am a ghostwriter in Malibu.

You’ve got a great idea for a book, blog or script that you know would be big, but for whatever reason, you can’t write it. What you need is a professional ghostwriter, or ghost writer.

As a freelance ghostwriter, I do the research and physical writing based on an outline you either provide or create with me, the ghost writer. Then the professional ghostwriter organizes your thoughts and presents them in a way that will make any Malibu resident proud.

Not every professional writer can be a ghostwriter. It takes special skill to put together a book, maintain a blog and write a script in a person’s voice and style. My ghostwriting projects have included managing a blog for a high-end auto repair shop and working with a man who cheated death and had an inspirational story to tell. He hired me as his ghost writer. Another client needed a proposal showing the untapped resource of hiring Asian American actors. He hired me to provide ghost writing services.

Whether it’s 100 words or 100,000 words, when you hire me as your Malibu freelance ghostwriter, the finished product will sound like you – but written by me. There are so many ways I can be of service to you as a ghostwriter. Here are some:

* Advertising copy
* Blogs
* Books
* Brochures
* Corporate communications
* Direct mail letters
* Newsletters
* Online/dating profiles
* Press Releases
* Product labels
* Scripts
* Social media posts
* Speeches
* Web pages

The Malibu ghostwriter uses a pen to help be somebody else. - I am not just a  Malibu professional writer. I am a  Malibu ghostwriter.