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Los Angeles County speech writing - Los Angeles County speech writer - Los Angeles County Speech writerYou are about to give a speech in Los Angeles County. As you approach the podium, your brow begins to moisten. By the time you’re ready to begin, people can see how uncomfortable you look. Sweat starts to drip, followed by that unmistakable (and offensive) odor that comes with nervousness.  

The best way to avoid such scenarios is to have a good speech, and a good speech writer goes a long way toward you being best prepared for public speaking.  

Writing a speech truly is an art form. You only have so much time to get your ideas across, so you need a professional writer who knows writing a speech requires quickly organizing those thoughts and ideas into a coherent theme for you in Los Angeles County.  

My journalism background, coupled with my experience freelance writing speeches, gives me the skills to write a speech that will entertain, inform and keep any Los Angeles County audience riveted. The process is simple: I meet with you in and find out your speech needs: theme, length, points that must be covered. Then I craft a speech outline before writing the speech. We’ll bounce speech topics and speech ideas off each other until we’ve got the outline honed to razor-sharpness. Then I’ll write the speech in plenty of time for you to rehearse and get ready.

Writing speeches is no problem. Here is a list of speeches I can write, no matter the length:

  • Acceptance speech
  • Best man speech
  • Business speech
  • Commencement speech
  • Elevator speech
  • Executive address
  • Father of the bride speech
  • Graduation speech
  • Informative speech
  • Inspirational speech

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  • Long
  • Motivational
  • Persuasive speech
  • President speech
  • Retirement speech
  • Sales presentation
  • Short
  • Thank you
  • Valedictorian

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