How to Write a Script?

Let Me Tell Your Company History or Training Video

 The script is a critical part of any training video, commercial, speech or narrative. Without it, no corporation/company/association can tell its story the way it wants – the right way. That’s why you need an experienced script writer who can take a long company history and turn it into a video script that you’re proud to show, or turn it into a clear and concise speech.  

Writing a script begins with my meeting with you and learning about you and your company history or whatever it is you want me to script. We figure out some parameters such as length, scenes and message, and then the script writing begins. In a predetermined time, I will deliver the first draft of the script, and then we make revisions until the script is complete.  

Although this kind of script writing is similar to that which is done in Hollywood, the process from conception to completion is much shorter and much less expensive.  

Another type of script writing you might need is speech writing. A CEO or other bigwig has a speech to deliver, perhaps to shareholders or a “State of the Corporation.” Maybe he/she is presenting at a conference or a college commencement. Regardless, you still need someone to write a script.  

With my experience writing a script for such things as exercise training videos, corporate communications are a snap. I deliver scripts that are lively, interesting and instructive. Your training video will get the results you desire. Your corporate history will accurately reflect your standards, goals and accomplishments that are inherent with any successful company. Your speech will be well received.  

Let me take away the difficulty of script writing for you. I will write a script that will accurately tell whatever you want told about you or your company in an engaging, informative and dynamic way. I’ll even suggest video ideas that match the script.  

How to write a script? Don’t. Let me. When you're ready for top-notch freelance script or speech writing, contact me. 



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