Are Your Website/Landing Pages Not on Google Page One?
SEO keyword writing increases chances of being found online

SEO writing covers a wide variety of keyword writing.

Are your online marketing materials converting? If not, it might be that they lack SEO copywriting. SEO is the most important kind of online writing. If you want to be found online, you need an SEO writer.

Search engine optimization is a kind of SEO copywriting that uses keywords that search engines find most relevant when people are looking for you. Type in the keywords and relevant sites come up. You want your site to come up on page one because less than 10 percent of people search farther. That’s where I, the SEO writer, come in.

Good SEO copywriting seamlessly integrates keywords with the rest of the copy, making sure the search engines notice them but not so it kicks you off the rankings. An SEO writer helps you get on page one, where you are most likely to be found.

Give me your keywords (don’t forget to include the city) and other relevant facts about you, and I’ll put my SEO writing to work. But SEO copywriting is only part of what you need. You also need an SEO expert on the coding side, and I work with one of the best (when you hire me, I’ll refer you).

When you're ready for really good SEO copywriting, contact me.