"Working with Mr. Barnathan on his story regarding my 2012 whistle-blower case has gone a long way in helping to restore my faith in journalists (and humanity in general). Lee was, of course, interested in "just the facts" (as all good journalists are); but he went above and beyond that. He was interested in the deeper story, the drama and trauma of the events and what they meant to real, living people. His interviews with me were thorough and, after speaking with him a few times, I began to see that he truly did care and really wanted to cover the story from all angles. His resultant article was accurate in reporting the facts, took care to consider the opinions and viewpoints of all involved, and was faithful in representing my quoted statements. … In short, Lee Barnathan is a journalist I trust."
-- Donna Frayer

"Lee Barnathan is a fantastic writer in that he did an excellent job in restructuring my brochure. Lee has a wonderful way with words. Lee also assisted me in rewriting a two-minute script regarding healthy eating and easy yoga for seniors, which will be turned into a video. A videographer told me that it was one of the best scripts he has ever seen."
-- Florence Silverstein, Certified Holistic Health and Yoga Coach

"Dear Lee: Thank you so much for focusing your writing genius on my 30-second commercial! It's polished and it rings true -- a combination that makes me very happy. Thanks again."
-- Liz Milan, Realtor

"Lee Barnathan is a “wordsman” superior. In just one short conversation with Lee, he was able to give me an amazing 30-second description to use when talking about my newsletter. He sees words differently than most people, and you know when talking to him that he is processing your conversation and information. He is able to file it away very efficiently in his inner file cabinet, ready to call on it and use it when needed. I use Lee’s 30-second word narrative constantly when at a networking event or even in talking about my newsletter to someone, and there is always a very visible response. Kudos to Lee for his help in making it an extremely informative explanation of my product."
-- Max Izenberg Suddenly65.com

“Lee is a true "wordsmith" and is fearless in summoning his creativity and "outside of the box" thinking. I am so impressed at his listening skills and his ability to translate what he hears into super content. Lee also had extraordinary turnaround on our project and did not consider the job finished until I was completely satisfied. I would recommend Lee for any writing project.”
-- Jacqueline Mendelson, President and Founder, Arabica Dabra Coffee
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative

“I've known Lee now for several years and thought enough of his professional writing skills to elevate him to Director of Resume Writing Services here at ENCORE. Of particular interest was his 20-plus years of freelance sportswriting experience. As a former college football coach and NFL scout, our synergy was strong. Lee's "way with the written word" has endeared him to many of our clients and has contributed significantly to them finding that rewarding and purposeful career/life sooner rather than later.”
-- Ed Adamowicz, CEO and Founder, ENCORE Career Consultants

“Lee is widely published in newspapers and magazines. He can speak to covering difficult situations -- crime scenes to city council meetings to sporting events that run late and push deadlines -- and how important it is to maintain your focus, your objectivity and your accuracy. He's a working journalist who can give real-world examples and draw on his experiences. ... Lee is an engaging professional. He's worked with me and for me, and I've long admired his accuracy, dedication and commitment to every project he's undertaken.”
-- Ron Epstein, Publisher, L.A. Parent Magazine

“Lee is a tremendously hard-working individual who has a wealth of practical experience in the field of journalism. He has a reputation of being a solid, dependable and accurate reporter who rarely missed deadlines.”
-- Gene Warnick, Sports Editor, Los Angeles Daily News

“I hired Lee when the Program Development Department was first brought under my management group at the National Notary Association, as the Association was taking a bold step to greatly expand its book production capabilities and I needed fast, experienced and clean writers who I could trust with reliable research skills. I had been reading Lee's work for years in the pages of the Daily News, made contact and ultimately hired him. I knew Lee from college so I already was familiar with his strong work ethic, and he applied that well to the Program Development transition into our Communications Group during a period in which we all thrived. Lee was a great team player on a great team.”
-- Keith Jajko, Communications Group Manager, National Notary Association; managed Lee at National Notary Association

“I worked for and with Lee on two different occasions: The Los Angeles Daily News and the National Notary Association. At both businesses, I was highly impressed with Lee's work ethic, attention to detail, ability to handle multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment, and work with various people across multiple departments and levels. While working under Lee at the Daily News, I learned much about story crafting, proper editing, and time and people management that I apply in my current positions. Lee would be an asset to any organization.”
-- Nevin Barich, Senior Editor, National Notary Association; reported to Lee at Los Angeles Daily News

“Lee's great attention to detail is matched only by his exceptionally strong work ethic and natural curiosity. I worked with Lee for several years at The Signal newspaper in Santa Clarita, CA (about 20 miles north of Los Angeles in LA County), where we were both writers on the newspaper's sports staff. I admired Lee's dedication to 'tell it like it is,' and he was responsible for several articles on high school football that swept an entire community up with his coverage, establishing himself as one of the most balanced and honest writers (and people) that I've met. I'd definitely recommend Lee for any position that could leverage his strong writing and editing skills, innate creativity and desire to 'get the job done', as I've seen first hand how those skills and personality traits can made an invaluable impact on a company.”
-- Rob Wheat, Sports writer, Santa Clarita (CA) Signal newspaper; worked with Lee at The Signal