Are Your Marketing Materials Compelling? Do They Really Convert?
Journalism is the way to write and edit easily, efficiently and effectively
A good writer and editor can help you write and edit.

Do you know how to make your marketing materials convert? What this writer and editor does is use the principles of journalism to craft compelling messages that stand out from the rest of the BS out there and get your target market to take your desired action.

I take certain steps to make your copy sing
First, I use critical thinking, a very valuable skill that’s disappearing and shouldn’t be. I use it to get to the point and cut out all the noise and BS. I analyze the message’s intent, its desired purpose and its target market. I ask many questions, usually starting with who/what/where/where/how/why. I listen intently to the answers because that gives me the information I need to write the copy so it doesn’t sound like anything else.

Then I write and edit using the principles of journalism — honesty, accuracy, brevity, clarity — to craft a compelling story and tell it in a way that brings the message to life and compels people to notice and take action. In other words, convert.

Marketing with integrity is the key
You need your copy to stand out, and the key is truth. This writer and editor stands for truth in advertising: This is what the product/service does, this is how it works, this is why it’s great, this is how you’ll benefit from using it. That’s it. No exaggerating, no embellishing, no BS.

As a writer, I can write 23 types of content, from something as small as your 30-second introduction to your marketing materials, your scripts, your speeches, your social media, your blogs, your websites, your crisis communications and crisis management, that book you’ve got inside you, and much more. Many of these can be combined into a multi-month marketing campaign, the better to take advantage of my writing and editing skills.

As an editor, I can edit 17 types of content you’ve already written, getting rid of the unnecessary and extra words and leaving you with just the critical elements of the message. The fewer the words, the more powerful they are.

Feel free to explore this website, take advantage of my more than 30 years of experience, and see all the ways I can help you communicate in the best way possible: Marketing with integrity by writing and editing the honest way.

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