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A good writer and editor can help you write and edit.

A writer is your best friend. A writer finds the right words to craft the message you want to send your customers, clients and target demographic. It doesn’t matter what the product or the industry. Good writing will get you noticed, and a writer who can deliver SEO copy that puts you higher on the search engines is invaluable. I can give your website the writer’s touch! My words have placed people on Google page one. Just provide me the keywords and my writing will do the rest. I can improve your communication with 22 different types of writing. That includes crisis communication and crisis management brought on by the coronavirus/COVID-19.

If you have an existing site, take advantage of my editing skills. A good editor cleans up the copy while maintaining the voice, tone and style you already have on your website. I have been editing for more than 29 years, and I can edit 13 different types of writing. My editing skills guarantee your web site will accurately tell your story and deliver your intended message. I’ll get rid of all the unnecessary verbiage and leave you with clear, concise copy that sings. And remember, the fewer the words, the less the cost! An editor also is invaluable for all clients.

My background in journalism has given me the necessary tools to write something as small as your 30-second commercial/elevator speech, your 250-page book, your coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis communication or crisis management plan and just about everything in between. That includes corporate communications and speeches of any length – and in these coronavirus/COVID-19 times, that means crisis communication. Also, I'm skilled at web pages and various types of marketing materials (product labels, direct mail letters, press releases, brochures). Finally, I also write the unusual: online dating profiles.

Come and see all of the ways I can be of service to you! Then contact me (click on the "Contact" tab at the top right) and let's get to work!

Services Offered


Just about everything I do. Read More

Book Editing

Got a manuscript? I can get it ready for publishing. Read More


Any topic, any length, any frequency. Read More


All the various online writings contained herein. Read More

Corporate Writing

Turning the mundane into the exciting. Read More


Crisis Communications

Creating an integrated strategy in troubling times. Read More

General Editing

Fixing errors, improving the writing. Read More


Putting your voice to my words. Read More


Catching mistakes, increasing credibility. Read More

Resume Writing

Your employment history with my personal twists. Read More


SEO Writing

I can help get you on page one. Read More

Social Media Writing

All the posts fit to put online. Read More

Speech Writing

No need for stage fright with the right words. Read More

Technical Writing

Simplifying that which is difficult. Read More

Website Writing

A better way to tell your story and sell your product/service. Read More

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