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A professional writer/ghostwriter/editor provides focus, organization and the right words to get it out of your head and onto the page.

Professional Writer Who Provides Freelance Writing Services

Let’s face it: It’s not easy to find someone who can understand and describe your thoughts, feelings and passions. Maybe you’ve tried to write your story yourself, but you just couldn’t get it done.

You're not alone.


  • 97% of people who start a book never finish it.
  • 90% of how well a speech goes is determined before the speaker steps to the microphone.
  • Many people want to blog but don't realize that having one can increase your online ranking by 434%.
  • A good story, well edited, is 22 times more memorable than just facts.

Maybe you’ve worked with other writers or editors, but that left you feeling disenchanted and disillusioned because you felt like they didn’t understand you. You felt like you wasted time and money. 


You want a true partner in the writing or editing process, one who recognizes that your story is compelling, significant, and must be told because it will help so many.

Having the idea is one thing; writing it requires a different set of skills – skills a ghostwriter has.

Whether You Need an Experienced Writer or a Polished Editor, I Am Here To Help!

The more worthwhile and compelling your story is, the more critical it is to have a professional writer give it the treatment it deserves so it will touch lives in the way you envision.

And the more you’ve invested in the writing, the more you need an editor to guarantee it is free of typos, errors and inconsistencies.

My clients appreciate that they are being heard, understood and validated, and they love that their story gets told their way in their voice.

Imagine how great it’ll feel when your story stands out from all the rest, when it rises above the noise and the amateur drivel that permeates everyday life.

Imagine the happiness and confidence you’ll feel because the story was ghostwritten or edited by a professional who knows how to make it read clearly, concisely and compellingly so it reaches your audience with the full effect you desire.

When you have to tell your story, I provide the focus, organization and words to get your story out of your head and onto the page, giving you a sense of joy, accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

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Step by Step

Whether you need an experienced writer or a professional editor, I am here to help!

Screening Interview

I always start with a screening interview, in which I want to know if you need ghostwriting services, if you need a professional speech writer, if you need book proofreading services, or if you need a ghostwriter in San Francisco or someplace else.


Next comes working on the content. I conduct interviews, research points and topics, and do whatever else is needed to prepare me to write.

the Story

Most people who contact me are looking for writing and editing services. If they want to have me ghostwrite their book, I’ll ask them what is the story, why do they want to write it, and what prevents them from writing it themselves. For me to want to work with them, I have to find the story interesting and compelling.

Writing & Revisions

The writing portion is where I provide the bulk of my writing and editing services. I typically write 1-2 chapters, then send them back to the client for comments, inputs, edits, additions, deletions. This continues until all chapters are approved.

Foundational Interviews & Outline

Once I do, and after we sign a contract, I then conduct a series of foundational interviews to help determine who is the target audience, what is the theme and what is the working title. We’ll create an outline, laying out the chapters and summaries of each chapter.


Finally, the client makes a final approval and I do one last edit of the entire manuscript.

Sometimes, people come to me with a finished manuscript that needs proofreading and editing.

My process for this is similar: I want to know the story to see if it’s something I want to devote my time to proofreading and editing. I’ll ask for a sample to get an idea of how much writing and editing I’ll have to do, which helps determine the cost. I’ll see if the person knows who’s the target audience, what’s the theme and if they have a title or not.

Once I see a sample, agree to take them on as a client, and sign a contract, I get the entire manuscript and begin proofreading and editing. Usually, I have questions, so the client needs to be available to clarify things that I read that don’t make sense to me.

Professional Writer Who Provides Freelance Writing Services.

Let’s face it: Swimming in a sea of millions that act, sound, think and are alike makes it almost impossible to stand out. Maybe you’ve tried to do the writing and editing yourself, but you felt frustrated because the writing and editing took so much time and you got no profit from it. 

Or maybe you’ve wanted proofreading and editing, but the people you worked with left you feeling disenchanted and disillusioned because you felt like they didn’t understand you. You felt like you wasted time and money.

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