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When you have to tell your story, I provide the focus, organization and words to get your story out of your head and onto the page.


I Started In Newspaper Journalism And Loved It.

Lee Barnathan

It was what I always wanted to do, and I did it for 16.5 years. But that industry was dying, so I got out before it did and went into technical writing. But that wasn’t creative, and it didn’t give me anything close to the same joy that I got from journalism. It didn’t make me feel like I was doing something valuable. So, I struck out on my own. Using my journalism skills, I tried being a general copywriter, writing websites, speeches, resumes and blogs. It was a struggle, and I came across the law of diminishing returns. Being all things to all people wasn’t giving me the same rewards I got as a journalist, investigating issues and uncovering truths that prompted action. 

But the process reminded me of why I went into journalism in the first place: to get at deeper truths and tell compelling, memorable stories.

Then a Philadelphia-area schoolteacher asked me to ghostwrite his book. He had a story to tell about recovering from a mysterious heart ailment in time to start the next semester. It required me to do all the investigation I loved doing in newspapers, and when I was done, the emotional reward of helping this guy tell his story outweighed anything else.

Unfortunately, he never published it; it sits on his desk as a family history. But the process reminded me of why I went into journalism in the first place: to get at deeper truths and tell compelling, memorable stories. And I had a talent to do that in my newspaper days. My editors marveled at how I could get people to open up and tell me details they wouldn’t tell other people. I had come full circle. I know it’s a cliche to say (and I avoid cliches like the plague), but it’s true. It has led me on a path to help many more authors achieve their dreams of telling their compelling stories.

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So, imagine how great it’ll feel when your story stands out from all the rest, when it rises above the noise and the amateur drivel that permeates our everyday lives. Imagine the happiness and confidence you’ll feel because the story was ghostwritten by a professional writer who knows how to make it read clearly, concisely and compellingly so it reaches your audience with the full effect you desire. Imagine the pride you’ll feel at knowing that the professionally written story demonstrates that what you do is significant, that what you have to say accurately reflects your passions and is truly you.

Imagine No More. 

It’s so important to partner with a specialist who’s an expert in the art of storytelling. These people go by various names: ghostwriter, journalist, editor. Regardless, your story is too important to leave to an amateur.

I use the journalism principles of honesty, accuracy, clarity and brevity in all my writing and editing. It started in high school when I uncovered a ballot-stuffing incident, resulting in the election being invalidated. It continued in newspapers when people saw I had talents for asking the right open-ended questions and engaging in active, empathetic and sympathetic listening.

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My Professional Writing And Editing Goes Beyond Asking The Standard Who · What · Where · When · How ·Why Questions.

There’s an emotional component to it. People find they can trust me to handle their sensitive information. They tell me, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” and it leads to better communication and collaboration because I show care, sensitivity, understanding and validation. Then I tell their stories with all the integrity, care and craftsmanship they deserve. My writing and editing personalizes their story. They know I’m telling it in their voice.

Since 1990, clients have trusted my professional writing and editing with their (sometimes) intimate details in ways that easily, efficiently and effectively tell their stories so they can accomplish their goals.

I’ve done it for them, and I can do it for you. I invite you to browse this website, explore all the ways I can be of service, and contact me.

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