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You Have A Story To Tell That Just Has To Be Told. It's That Important.

You feel like if you don’t get it out of your head, you will regret it because it will help a lot of people. You know that if they just could tap into the wisdom that you have inside you, their lives would change for the better.

You’ve probably been feeling like you just need to sit down and write it for a while now. But you haven’t made it a priority to put your thoughts onto paper.

Maybe It's Because:

  • You hate writing.
  • You don't consider yourself a writer.
  • The thought of dedicating hours a day to organizing and writing your story is too overwhelming when piled on top of life’s demands.

Or maybe you’re beset with terror: What if my story isn’t interesting or compelling enough to reach a wide audience? Am I good enough to tell it? Can I make it irresistible, a must-read?

You're Not Alone.

Did You Know:

  • 81% of people think they have a book in them; and
  • 97% of people who start a book never finish it.

In other words, the vast majority of people who have experienced what life has to offer have a story to tell that’s worthwhile, unique and compelling, but they never get to do it for a wider audience.

Why Is It So Hard? Here’s Why:

There is a world of difference between having the story in your head and being able to get it down on paper. Having the story and writing the story aren’t the same. They require two different skill sets.

A Small Percentage Of People Have Figured This Out

People like Guy Powell, Julian Dominguez and Melinda Murphy had their stories, but they needed a professional to help them with the process. Powell's book, “The Post-COVID Marketing Machine,” became an international bestseller, while people called “A Culture of Fear,” Dominguez and Murphy's book "a must-read. ... candid and remarkable - every attorney general should read this."

bestsellers sign at a store

Contrast that with Jeff Gieseke’s “Crush Hour” and Nancy Taylor’s “ISIS: The Islamic Terrorist.” They wrote their books themselves and sold only a handful of copies. The reviews for Gieseke’s book were bad: "a boring book with tons of grammatical errors. Pass!" Taylor’s book was so widely ignored that there were no reviews. This pair had stories to tell but didn't have that writing process that would have taken their experiences and turned them into compelling tales.

culture of fear

A Culture of Fear

A 120-page nonfiction indictment of the Los Angeles County child welfare system. The authors were so impressed with me, they put me on the cover. 

culture of fear
the post covid marketing machine

The Post-Covid Marketing Machine: Prepare Your Team to Win

A 243-page international bestseller and supplement to the Marketing Machine book to provide marketers insights into how top brands are pivoting to be ready for the dynamics in a post Covid world.

the post covid marketing machine
evas uncommon life

Eva’s Uncommon Life: Guided by Miracles

A first-person account of surviving the Holocaust in France. She acknowledged my work.

evas uncommon life
all the way back

All The Way Back

An unpublished 124-page, 37,100-word inspirational memoir about a Philadelphia-area schoolteacher who cheated death.

all the way back
The Diary of a Rideshare Driver

The Diary of a Rideshare Driver

An unpublished 211-page memoir about an Iranian immigrant’s true adventures driving people around San Diego.

The Diary of a Rideshare Driver
What to See in Palm Springs

What to See in Palm Springs: Local Tour Guides Tells All

Everything you ever wanted to know about this desert community's people, places, history, architecture, and quirkiness.

What to See in Palm Springs

The More Worthwhile And Compelling Your Story Is, The More Critical It Is To Have A Professional Writer Give It The Treatment It Deserves So It Will Touch Lives In The Way You Envision.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with a specialist who’s an expert in the art of storytelling. These people go by various names: ghostwriter, journalist, editor. Regardless, your story is too important to leave to someone who isn’t professionally trained. The services of a professional ghostwriter will allow you to polish your work so it can shine and find the audience you are looking for.

Imagine cradling a book in your arms. See yourself thumbing through the pages, reading the words, recognizing that what’s contained therein is your story, laid out for all to see. This symbol of your life is part catharsis and part healing. Your journey is complete, and you’ve reached the people who needed to hear your story because you worked with a ghostwriter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ghostwriting Is More Common Than You May Think

First things first:

There are many misconceptions about what a ghostwriter is. It is NOT writing for dead people. Nor is it being dead and writing for people. It is simply writing as someone else. Anytime a writer doesn’t have his/her/their name attached, chances are that writer is performing ghostwriting services.


And there are a lot of different types of professional ghostwriting services. Books are the most common, but speeches, blogs and website copy are three other types of writing you might want when you hire a professional ghostwriter.


Some ghostwriters are fiction ghostwriters, others (like me) specialize in non-fiction. Make sure you choose someone who offers the ghostwriting services you’re seeking.

The Reality Is Between 50% And 90% Of Books Written Have Been Written By A Ghostwriter For Hire.

Most people lack the skills to write a book, so if they want to get published, they’re going to look for professional ghostwriting services.

That includes celebrities:

  • Prince Harry
  • Richard Branson
  • Andre Agassi
  • Michelle Obama
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Demi Moore
  • Laura Bush
my story

— the list goes on. Obviously, these people can afford the best ghostwriting services for hire, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people offering affordable professional ghostwriting services.


Ghostwriting services are completely legal. Nobody is going to get sued for plagiarism. In fact, a ghostwriter for hire forms a partnership with the person who hires him/her/them. It’s a very important relationship built on trust, mutual respect and a desire to tell the story in the client’s voice.

I Ghostwrite Books, Blogs, and Articles, Among Others

As a ghostwriter for hire, I have worked on six books in the following genres:

  • memoir
  • business
  • expository essay

I have never been a fiction ghostwriter, although I edited several manuscripts that became published fiction. Most of my ghostwriting services come from writing website copy, speeches, blogs and marketing copy services. 


But be warned: ghostwriting services are not cheap.

When hiring a professional ghostwriter to provide their services, you get exactly what you pay for. If you want it done right, you’ve got to spend at least $15,000 for a book (smaller pieces will cost less, obviously). Some ghostwriting services run $50,000-$100,000. Does that mean you’ll get a better book if you pay that much for a ghostwriter for hire? Not necessarily. You also have to consider the depth of experience possessed by your writer to determine the value of the service they will provide.

Professional Ghostwriter Available

You can find ghostwriters in every major city. Just search ghostwriter in Los Angeles and see how many come up. The same holds true if you try ghostwriter in Dallas, ghostwriter in Atlanta, or ghostwriter in Seattle.

You’ll find some of the best ghostwriters for hire get their names listed as co-author or collaborator. Whether you want to do that when you hire a ghostwriter will be between the two of you. But you might pay less if you include the ghostwriter’s name. Also, you might want to offer a percentage of future book sales to the ghostwriter. That is something else the two of you can discuss.

blocks in front of a person typing that spell ghostwriter

A Final Tip:

No matter who you pick to be your ghostwriter, make sure you click with them. Make sure you trust them to deal with your story — and all its vulnerabilities, foibles and faults — with care, decency, sensitivity and professionalism. 

Your story is too important to leave it to someone you’re not completely comfortable with. 

Contact me today and see if we click.

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