Ghostwriting: Having a Book Idea vs. Actually Writing the Book

Back in 2002, the independent publishing services firm The Jenkins Group released a survey that said 81% of Americans feel they have a book in them. To which noted writer...
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Beware Bad Social Proof in Your Marketing

If part of your marketing campaign includes a newsletter, it’s important to remember the importance of demonstrating social proof. According to the Canadian software company Unbounce, social proof can increase...
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The Right CTA Goes a Long Way

Anyone who writes copy online will be familiar with the call to action, those few words that inspire, compel, urge or otherwise convince prospects that they need to talk to...
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Why the Headline is So Damn Important

We’ve all been told how important a headline is. Now comes this from Copyblogger: Eight out of 10 people will only read the headline. Kind of puts the headline’s importance...
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It’s In The Writing: Words Still Matter

It’s in the writing. According to the marketing firm IMPACT’s blog, 60.8% of marketers agree visual content is absolutely necessary. You can present this information in more than one way....
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It’s In The Writing: Combat “Scanners” by Getting to the Point Faster

You’ve written what you think is a solid 1,000 words on a topic in which you’ve an expert. It covers all the key points, you make all the arguments flawlessly,...
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Leave No Errors — Find The Eight Contained Herein

It’s all in the writing and editing. According to the British magazine RealBusiness, 74% of web readers pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammer. This is important because...
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It’s All in the Writing: Third Grade vs. College vs. Eighth Grade

It’s all in the writing. According to the blog Boomerang, communication written at a third-grade level receives 36% more responses. Which paragraph speaks to you? Me and dad hunt for...
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Word Tip: Shut or Close?

Continuing with my desire to help people use the right words so they sound professional, credible, remarkable and compelling to the people they want to serve, today I discuss whether...
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