Website Writing Tip: Focus on Pain Points

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In researching for a recent presentation, I examined what must have been 100 websites, and something like 95% of them focused on the services they offered and not the pain points that visitors want to have solved. As you no doubt know, a feature is something a company offers; a benefit is something others get…

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Website Writing Tip: Make it All About Them, Not You

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When writing website copy, remember “It’s not me, it’s you.” Make sure that the copy is all about the people coming to the website looking to have their pain taken away. Make it all about them, make it honest and make it understandable. Want proof? Consulting giant McKinsey did a study in which it surveyed…

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Website Writing Tip: Use Persuasive Marketing Tactics

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Companies don’t understand that just because they know what they’re selling on their website will make people’s lives better doesn’t mean the website visitor knows. The copy has to be written in such a way that it leads the person to that conclusion. It has to be written in a way that stands out from…

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Why Did Yoga Instructors Always Get This Wrong?


When I practiced yoga, I did it twice a week. I was never certain if it was doing any good. I never sensed I got more limber or flexible.But I did notice that the pinched nerve in my back didn’t bother me as much, so there was that. But my ears didn’t deceive me: All…

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I’ll Take Confusing A-Words, Alex/Ken/Mayim

definition a la carte

This is NOT Jeopardy! But this is a place to learn about using the right words (Duh! It’s the name of my blog!). Here are 10 a-letter words that throw people off their game, make them pause and check a dictionary to see if they’ve spelled them correctly. able-bodied — it’s an adjective. aboveboard — it means…

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