I’ll Take Confusing A-Words, Alex/Ken/Mayim

definition a la carte

This is NOT Jeopardy! But this is a place to learn about using the right words (Duh! It’s the name of my blog!).

Here are 10 a-letter words that throw people off their game, make them pause and check a dictionary to see if they’ve spelled them correctly.

able-bodied — it’s an adjective.

aboveboard — it means “in a straightforward manner.” Above board means you are positioned higher than a piece of wood.

absent-minded –– it’s an adjective that often describes professors played by Fred MacMurray, Robin Williams (film versions) and Harry Anderson (TV version).

accommodate — double-c and double-m.

acknowledgment — I never forget this one because when I participated in a spelling bee in sixth grade, the word given me was “acknowledged.” I heard “acknowledge” and spelled that word correctly, only to be disqualified and finish seventh.

ad-lib — it’s hyphenated whether you use it as a noun, verb or adjective.

admissible — not admissable.

aka — “also known as” takes no punctuation.

a la carte — it’s three words in all uses.

amok — not amuck, no matter if a 1953 Warner Brothers cartoon was titled “Duck Amuck.”

Until next time! Use the right words!

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