Even AI Agrees 8 Billion Humans are Better


I’m always trying to stay informed about the ghostwriting industry, and one subject I know I need to study more is AI ghostwriting. Recently, I came across a website called hypotenuse.ai, which sells a variety of ghostwriting services using the Bespoke tool. 

Naturally, the site describes all the great things AI, or artificial intelligence, can do, and it’s probably written by Bespoke. And yet in reading its analysis, it’s clear that even AI realizes humans are superior in some ways.

Human writers are still preferred for content that requires a personal touch, such as storytelling, editorial writing, and niche-specific contents.

In other ways, hypotenuse tries to claim AI is better, but we humans have seen how this is not true, at least not yet. Finally, it does conclude where AI is better, and this human agrees:

AI is ideal for generating large amounts of content in a short time. Human writers excel at creating contextually relevant content that resonates with the audience. … Ultimately, the choice between AI and human writers depends on the goals, audience, and context of the content.


The article what it sees as pros and cons of AI-generated writing. They are bolded, along with my comments.


Time-saving — I agree.

Consistent quality — The article says the consistency is based on using the AI algorithm. I say the quality will be standard and average—not what you when working with a ghostwriter.

Inexpensive — True, but you get what you pay for.

Scalability — AI can create vast amounts of content. I agree, but the quality won’t be as high as with a human. Because, as the article says:

Human writers bring a unique set of skills to content creation that simply cannot be replicated by machines: creativity, empathy, and expertise.


Lack of creativity I agree.

Limited understanding of context — Because AI can’t do context like a human.

Insensitivity — The article says it’s due to AI lacking emotion. I agree.

Over reliance — It says using AI too much could decrease quality. I am impressed AI realized that. 

Then the article covered the pros and cons of using a human. The pros were emotion, originality, creativity, and versatility, meaning humans can write in various formats such as blogs, books, and social media. I completely agree.

Then article concluded these pros “cannot be replicated by AI.” Amen.

Then came the cons.

Human bias— This is true and there’s no way around it. But I question if AI isn’t biased because it’s created by humans. I searched “how human bias affects AI” and found articles from a wide variety of scientific, educational, and commercial sources.

Time-consuming — This is true, too. Humans can’t operate 24-7 like AI can, but the quality a human brings is worth the extra time.

Scalability — Humans create less than AI before burning out. Again, this is true, but humans turn out higher quality. If you want to stand out, you need a human ghostwriter.

Cost — Humans are more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Finally, the article compared AI to humans. Much of this section was self-evident: AI uses algorithms, humans use humans; AI can create 24-7, humans can’t Humans alone can do creativity, wordplay, puns, and emotion.

But one stuck out: “AI is faster and more accurate.” I agree with the speed, but I question the accuracy because AI still can’t tell what’s real and true and what isn’t. It’s up to humans to critically examine what AI generates, and when they don’t, it’s disastrous.

Look no further than last year, when a New York lawyer cited fake cases the ChatGPT created. Something similar happened in British Columbia with ChatGPT, and former Trump fixer Michael Cohen gave his attorneys fake cases created by Google’s Bard program.

In the end, the hypotenuse article made this conclusion:

 Human writers are still preferred for content that requires a personal touch, such as storytelling, editorial writing, and niche-specific contents.

That is exactly what ghostwriting requires. Don’t use AI to write your book. Use a human. 

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