Need A Neutral Set Of Eyes To Edit Your Work?

An editor gets it ready for publishing.

You’ve written something you’re really proud of: a manuscript, a speech, a blog post. Congratulations! There’s just one problem: You can’t edit it yourself. You’ve seen your words on the pages so many times, you can no longer see the factual mistakes, the typos, the plot holes, the inconsistent character developments. 


Without proper editing, or the right editor to do the necessary editing, your work will never see the light of day, never reach the widest audience, never touch that soul that would be helped from reading or hearing your words.

You need a fresh set of eyes. An editor’s eyes. One who can come in with complete objectivity and clean up the messes and fill the holes.

But Be Careful.

A Bad Editor:

  • Fails to keep the emotion of the piece in place;
  • Doesn’t catch inaccuracies or factual errors;
  • Changes the voice so it sounds like the editor and not you;
  • Emphasizes the minor points and not the major ones;
  • Doesn’t eliminate wordiness.

My Editing Philosophy Is: Why Use 10 Words When Two Will Do? When The Editing Is Complete, The Manuscript, Speech Or Blog Will Be Leaner. Nothing Of Substance Will Have Been Cut. It Will Still Sound Like You Wrote It. 

If book editing is what you need, I have acted as book editor on several projects, including:

culture of fear

A Culture of Fear

A 120-page nonfiction indictment of the Los Angeles County child welfare system. The authors were so impressed with my book editing, they put my name on the cover. 

culture of fear
evas uncommon life

Eva’s Uncommon Life: Guided by Miracles

A first-person account of surviving the Holocaust in France. She acknowledged my work.

evas uncommon life
all the way back

All The Way Back

An unpublished 124-page, 37,100-word inspirational memoir about a Philadelphia-area schoolteacher who cheated death.

all the way back
The Diary of a Rideshare Driver

The Diary of a Rideshare Driver

An unpublished 211-page memoir about an Iranian immigrant’s true adventures driving people around San Diego.

The Diary of a Rideshare Driver
What to See in Palm Springs

What to See in Palm Springs: Local Tour Guides Tells All

Everything you ever wanted to know about this desert community's people, places, history, architecture, and quirkiness. 

What to See in Palm Springs

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