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Do You Need Help Writing Compelling Marketing Materials in Agoura Hills?
This Agoura Hills writer can help you in at least 14 different ways

You want writing that makes your marketing remarkable in Agoura Hills. You want writing that makes your marketing stand out from all the rest. You want writing that makes your marketing so compelling that people say, “Tell me more.”

It takes skill to be a writer. I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was 11 years old. I possess expertise in the following different writing categories. Chances are I can benefit you in Agoura Hills.

A marketing writer in Agoura Hills engages in several forms of writing.

Ad copy – What are you trying to sell? Who are you trying to sell it to? Where are you trying to sell it, Agoura Hills? Is your intended message reaching your target audience in Agoura Hills? How catchy, clever, creative and honest is the writing?

My writing covers a wide range, including but not limited to:
* Coffee
* DJs
* Memory foam beds
* Painters
* Real estate
* Spy gadgets
* Steam cleaners
* Toys
* Watches and clocks
* Websites
And I can do the same for you.

Product labels is one type of marketing writing this Agoura Hills writer does.

Blogging – If you haven’t posted in a while, you’re hurting your credibility with those who visit your Agoura Hills website, and you’re not gaining the benefits that come from blogging. I’ve visited hundreds of websites, and about 95% of them aren’t using their blog effectively. You know blogging is important, but you don’t have the time. Let this Agoura Hills writer do it. You need a blog with writing that’s clear, concise and compelling. My writing informs, entertains and enthralls. Here’s an example of a post in which I acted as ghostwriter. Click here Check out my blog, too.

Elevator speeches/30-second commercials – You only have a short time to introduce yourself in Agoura Hills, so you need a writer who can highlight what makes you remarkable and compelling to the people in Agoura Hills you want to serve. This writer helps you by focusing on what makes you unique.

So much of this Agoura Hills writer’s services involves ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting – Also known as ghost writing. Whether it's a book, speech, website, blog, marketing materials, elevator pitch — just about every service I offer in Agoura Hills has some ghostwriting element to it — if you don't have the time or ability to write it yourself but you want everyone to think you did, hire me to ghostwrite it for you. Remember: You’re the author or speaker; I'm the ghostwriter.

Marketing materials – You need marketing materials in Agoura Hills such as brochures, newsletters, direct mail letters and product labels to come alive, stand out and be remarkable. They also have to make people want to act. This writer uses No BS Marketing to make your marketing materials compelling.

Newsletters – These are great ways to inform your Agoura Hills employees, clients/customers and prospects, but you just don’t have the time to do it. That’s what a writer is for. Non-profits have taken advantage of my newsletter-writing skills, and so can you.

Online/Dating profiles — In business, you want to ensure your LinkedIn profile is compelling, informative and properly organized. In life, you want everyone in Agoura Hills to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you're looking for in a partner. Writing these in any style or tone is required. When the writing’s done, your profile will honestly and accurately describe, define and reflect the real you.

Reputation management — Writing that damages your reputation must be buried. Since 95% of people never look past page 1 of Google, this Agoura Hills writer can tailor a reputation management strategy that puts the positive aspects of you and your business on page 1 and buries the negative.

Resume writing – Can’t get that interview in Agoura Hills? Every good resume tells a story, and the writing behind the story is, “I've done it before, and I can do it for you.” My resume writing guarantees that message is evident throughout, and I offer a few marketing tricks to make your resume stand out from all the rest and increase the odds you’ll get noticed.

SEO writing done right will help your marketing in Agoura Hills.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Can’t get your website or blog pages ranked high? Maybe it’s the writing. You need a solid SEO strategy in Agoura Hills, and writing is a critical component of that. My Agoura Hills clients are satisfied that this style of writing works for them, and I can do it for you.

Social media writing – Need help standing out from that vast sea of similarity? Success in business today requires writing and marketing on social media, in Agoura Hills or anywhere else. The right writer can help you inform, get found and maximize your presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among other sites.

You’ll be ready to speak in Agoura Hills because you worked with a speech writer.

Speech writing – Got something to say in Agoura Hills that’s too important for you to do yourself? Hire a speech writer in Agoura Hills to help organize your thoughts and write clearly. Whether for 10 minutes or eight hours, if you're prepared, you'll be successful. Check out my page devoted to speech writing for the list of 23 types of speeches. Click here for examples

Technical writing – Got some writing that’s really complicated and needs simplifying? Whether it's user manuals, guidebooks, notary public law or scientific journals, this Agoura Hills writer turns the "What does that mean?” into "That makes perfect sense!”

Website copy – Too many Agoura Hills websites don’t tell an emotionally coherent story of how the visitor will benefit. What’s your story? What writing would best tell it? Does your site’s writing set the scene, introduce the problem, offer a solution and imagine a better future? You need a writer in Agoura Hills to tell your compelling story that makes visitors want to heed your call to action.

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