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Avoid Speech Disasters — Let A Ghostwriter Write A Speech For You.

The best speech is a prepared speech.

I saw this quote online:

90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform.

In other words, preparation is critical, and that means the speech writing is critical. Some people can wing it; most can’t. That’s why you need a ghostwriter to help you get organized.

Writing a speech truly is an art form. You only have so much time to get your ideas across, so you might need a professional ghostwriter to organize those thoughts and concepts into a coherent theme. 

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Most people need help writing a speech in three areas:

  • Length,
  • What to include or leave out, and
  • How to eliminate those ers, ums and uhs that distract.

A ghostwriter can help you with all three.

By laying the groundwork, we can organize the speech into something coherent, emotional, persuasive — whatever your goals are. Then the writing comes easily. As for the pauses, if you know what you’re going to say, you’re less likely to litter your remarks with ers, ums and uhs.

A ghostwriter might be the answer if you’ve tried writing your own speech but got frustrated because it took too much time and it still didn’t sound like you wanted it to. It isn’t easy to write an attention-grabbing speech that rings true to you, your vision, you company, your philosophy or whatever it is you’re trying to emphasize in your speech. 

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