It’s All in the Writing: Third Grade vs. College vs. Eighth Grade

blank page on a table with pen to write

It’s all in the writing.

According to the blog Boomerang, communication written at a third-grade level receives 36% more responses. Which paragraph speaks to you?

  1. Me and dad hunt for bears and deers. When my dad gets a deer he cuts them. He always hunts. I go with him too and I see him get them.
  2. My father and I spend copious amounts of quality time in pursuit of Ursus arctos and Servus elaphus. When my father successfully eradicates one of Servus elaphus, he carves up the carcass. He regularly seeks to deprive one of these animals of its existence. I accompany him and witness his pursuits.
  3. Dad and I hunt often together. Our targets typically are bear and deer. After a kill, my dad uses his knife to get at the meat we will enjoy for dinner that night.

The first paragraph is written at a third-grade level. The second is college-aged. The third is closer to eighth grade.

It’s all in the writing.

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