Résumé and Curriculum Vitae Writing Done Right --
Honestly and with Integrity
To find a job, you first need a resume writer.

If you think all résumés and curriculum vitae are alike, then chances are yours looks like all the others in that pile, which makes it more likely:
* It will not be read,
* You will not get that interview,
* You will not get that job offer.

How do I write a résumé or curriculum vitae? Professionally, honestly and with integrity. Knowing what to write on a résumé or curriculum vitae takes time, patience and an ability to tell the story of your working life with no exaggeration, embellishment or lie. Everything will be verifiable.

Writing a résumé or curriculum vitae requires a personal touch. That’s why I meet with you to learn what you have accomplished. Then I break down your career to your individual parts and reconstruct them to honestly show what you have accomplished and show future employers what you can -- and will -- do for them.

Résumé writing also is about branding. I help you with your branding and marketing yourself as confident in your abilities to positively affect the next step in your purposeful career. And I display your brand prominently across the top of your résumé. Curriculum vitae writing is more formal, so you need to make sure it is done correctly, honestly and with integrity.

A résumé or curriculum vitae’s goal is to get you that interview. My résumé writing skills will help you that way.