Avoid Speech Disasters – Let Me Write a Speech for You!
The Best Speech is a Prepared Speech
A professional speech writer readies you in front of a microphone.

Some surveys have shown people fear public speaking more than death. One of the best ways to combat that is to know what you’re going to say. Let a professional speech writer help you find the right words.

Writing a speech truly is an art form. You only have so much time to get your ideas across, so you need a professional writer who can quickly organize those thoughts and ideas into a coherent theme.

My journalism background, coupled with my experience freelance writing speeches, gives me the skills to write a speech that will entertain, inform and keep an audience riveted. The process is simple: I meet with you in and find out your speech needs: theme, length, points that must be covered. Then I craft a speech outline before writing the speech. We’ll bounce topics and ideas off each other until we’ve got the outline honed to razor-sharpness. Then I’ll write the speech in plenty of time for you to rehearse and get ready.

Writing speeches is no problem. Here are types I can write, no matter the length:
* Acceptance speech
* Best man speech
* Business speech
* Commencement speech
* Elevator speech
* Executive address
* Father/Mother of the bride/groom speech
* Graduation speech
* Informative speech
* Inspirational speech
* Introductions
* Long
* Motivational
* Persuasive speech
* President speech
* Retirement speech
* Sales presentation
* Short
* Thank you
* Valedictorian
* Welcome