How To Write A Website: Let Me Tell Your Story!
Writing for websites in Agoura Hills starts with a computer and an idea.

Writing for websites is absolutely necessary in today's economy. But writing content for the web takes special skills. Website writing tells your story and ensures that your intended message reaches those you want reached. Copywriting for websites also uses SEO writing to make your business’ web copy improve your visibility and ranking with the search engines.

When writing for the web, my process begins with me talking to you and learning your message, story, business and keywords, including the city, Agoura Hills. My journalism skills make my copywriting compact, condensed and clear. I use as few words as possible when writing for the web because I know nobody in Agoura Hills has time to read more than a few paragraphs.

I write web copy for a diverse group: IT people, a couple that opened a dollar store in Hawaii, a man who rents photo booths to parties, a man who designs and builds swimming pools, a woman who runs a senior care center, a couple opening a custom mattress store, a woman who matches corporations with nonprofits to raise money for good causes; a bedding company, a man who runs a surveillance company, a packing and shipping company, a bookkeeper and a DJ/entertainer.

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Great website writing requires a specialist. --- Writing for websites starts with a computer and an idea.